Wooden Wick Holiday Limited Edition + Signature Collection - Wholesale

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This is our curated Holiday Collection for our Signature + Limited Edition Collections based on what we have seen sell best in this season.

It's a combination of favorite seasonal scents as well as the fragrances most popular in gift giving.

Add any additional fragrances, Reed Diffusers + Room Sprays individually

4- Bamboo Linen (Signature)

3- Rosemary Tangerine (Signature)

6- Tobacco Apricot (Signature)

6- White Birch + Spruce (Signature)

6-  Mulberry + Fir Needle (Limited Edition)

6- Cypress, Citron + Clove (Limited Edition)

6- Evergreen + Bay Leaf (Limited Edition)

2 Free Candles to burn in the shop + help drive sales!

Free Shipping or Delivery!

Eligible for $150 Fall Restock Minimum through December 13th