Water Candle + Refill: 100% of your purchase goes to providing clean water!

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Give someone access to fresh water whenever you buy our Water candles in a clear jar OR our Water refill kits through April 30th.

This entire month, I’m donating 100% of Water candles in a clear jar and Water refill kits to Drink Local Drink Tap. This is an amazing organization out of Cleveland that builds wells for communities around the world to help them have access to clean water. In addition to global service, they also do local beach clean up days for the Cleveland area.

But, the best part is that it only takes $30 to give one person fresh water for life. 

So that means that if you buy just two Water candles in a clear jar or refill kits, you’ll be giving someone fresh water for the rest of their life

I couldn’t imagine not having instant access to drinkable water and I can’t wait to support this organization this month.