Aromatherapy Pick-Me-Up

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Many of us have heard of the aromatherapy benefits fragrance has on our lives. They can help ease anxiety, help us relax, enhance our moods, shift our mindsets, even help us focus and learn as we navigate these uncertain times.

We've put together this Aromatherapy Pick-Me-Up to help you with exactly this! Each set includes a 4 ounce all-natural classic soy candle with essential oil based fragrances, a 4 ounce room + linen spray, and the key to it all, an aromatherapy guide to help you thrive in these strange times. The guide has tips on using fragrance to invigorate your space whether it's for distance learning or working from home. 

We believe now is a time to come together, be there for others, and invest in yourself. We hope this is the perfect pick-me-up for yourself, co-workers, clients, your team, teachers, friends who are working from home and/or navigating distance learning, and neighbors stuck at home.

By purchasing the kit you are saving $4 on our room + linen spray and receiving our aromatherapy guide free!

Bulk orders available. If your business or company is interested in a 'thank you' to their amazing employees giving it their all right now we can deliver bulk orders typically within 7-10 days. Email