Aroma Kit-- Morale Booster

Aroma Kit-- Morale Booster

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Many of us have heard of the aromatherapy benefits fragrance has on our lives. It can help us relax, influence our moods and mindsets, even help us focus as we navigate these uncertain times.

We've put together this "morale booster kit" to help you with exactly this! Our travel tin burns for 20+ hours and our room spray is non-toxic and the perfect way to quickly fill a space with your favorite scent.

I recommend our new Sea Salt Jasmine fragrance to encourage relaxation or our Rosemary Tangerine fragrance to boost your mood + help you focus.

Or choose Custom Curate and let us put together the perfect combination for you!


Sending to a large group? Purchase as one order and then send us your spreadsheet. Email with any questions