Silver Linings Limited Edition

Silver Linings Limited Edition

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Silver Linings was one of the first fragrances I blended for Peripeti and it has always been a favorite. Silver Linings is a unique and vibrant fragrance combination of over 8 essential oils. Cassia, jasmine, lavender, and patchouli combine to create a scent that is warm, slightly sweet scent with a hint of earthiness. I call it the "magic fragrance" because it seems to be exactly what each person needs it to be.

We had planned to relaunch this fragrance (while supplies last) as part of our ongoing celebration of 5 years in business, given the current situation it seems even more significant that Silver Linings is available. People often share with me how a scent of ours has helped them through something challenging, but this scent has by far always had the most attachment for people. My hope is that it can now help you through these challenging days by being exactly what you need it to be.

Available in Wooden Wick, Classic Wick, Reed Diffuser, Wax Melts


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