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Root is a uni-sex fragrance that is part of our Botanical Collection, designed using the highest quality oils. With simple design + 18kt gold accents this collection is elegant + suitable for the most discerning candle connoisseur. 

Root is an amazing unisex fragrance that is a little spicy + a little earthy without being heavy or musky. Enjoy the aromatherapy of Poppy, Birch + Cedar Wood with subtle notes of Orange in this soothing blend loved by men + women

The greatest challenge in creating an earthy scent is making sure that it doesn't get "muddy" or earthy + heavy. This one is perfection! Slightly spicy while being uplifting, grounded with woodsy notes without smelling like a camp site. Definitely a high-end earthy scent worthy of this high-end collection. 

Highly recommend this fragrance for anyone who enjoys scents in the Spice or Woodsy fragrance families or who is looking for a unisex fragrance option.

Available in Classic Wick Soy Candle, VOC Free Reed Diffuser, 100% Soy Wax Melts, Non-Toxic Room Spray