Postive Affirmation Room Sprays

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Use the power of scent memory to start (and resart) your day. Whether the day is just starting or you need a simple resent, retrain yourself to repeat the motto on the bottle whenever you use your Peripeti Room Spray. Things like, "Be Still" or "Today Matters" will begin to be linked to the fragrance and can be a reminder wherever you go to focus on the little things and what really matters in your life.

Use it in your bedroom, your entryway, the office, your yoga mat, anywhere you could use a room or linen spray.

The best part is you choose your scent and the motto is selected for you! We've loved hearing how the motto received was the perfect option for the recipient...and maybe not the one they thought they needed.

4 ounce non-toxic room spray. Free Gift with orders of $65