Natural Hand Sanitizer

Natural Hand Sanitizer

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Hand Sanitizer is the accessory of the summer! Here is the list of FDA restricted hand santizers. Our base is made in the USA at an FDA regulated facility, we then add our own blend of thieves oil to the base. 

Ours is made with the recommended 70% ethyl. This is a plant derived ethyl that is enhanced with essential oils! I am really loving the spray (instead of gel) and included a few ways I use the spray below.

The essential oil blend is a thieves type blend with clove, cinnamon and others-- all known for their cleansing power!

How I use it: I find the spray very convenient + versatile. Of course you can (and should) use it on your hands but its convenient size makes it easy to take with you everywhere, so here are some additional ideas:

Spray onto a cloth to wipe my steering wheel and buttons in the car. (test area first and wipe completely off)

Spray your mask in-between errands to keep it as fresh + clean as possible.

Dampen a cloth and wipe your phone + other screens (as well as remotes and controllers)

Use on doorknobs

Keep in your purse for "surprises" (I find I'm still getting use to all the ways we need to adapt to make ourselves and others safer)

**Let us know how you use it!

Only available while supplies last!

To use: Spray hands multiple times until they are wet and allow to air dry.

4 ounces