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Limited Edition Fall Fragrances Wholesale

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We recommend having your store stocked by mid-August to take full advantage of the Fall candle buying frenzy!

*We sell our Wooden Wicks 2:1 most of the year, and that goes up in fall/holiday seasons. People love the crackling ambiance, stronger fragrance throws + longer burn times (85+ hours) With a retail of $25 we recommend that your average pricepoint be $50+ to see the most success with this product.*

Three seasonally inspired original all-natural fragrances available just for Fall!

Pumpkin + Ginger: One of the first scents we developed + a HUGE hit! people will stock up on this for the year. It's a sweet scent, (people love sweet scents, especially in the fall + holiday) I consider it a baking scent with sweet vanilla notes but the ginger cuts it enough to give it some "class" :-) (Available in Wooden Wick, Classic Wick, Reed Diffusers + Room Spray)

Pomegranate Spice: (Formerly Harvest Cider) Traditional cider spices give you the cozy nostalgic feelings people crave in this season but notes of Pomegranate give it a high-end sophisticated edge that has made it a favorite the past few seasons. Although this scent has the spice + fruit notes this scent is classified in the fresh/clean fragrance family, as it doesn't have they syrupy- overly sweet notes of other cider scents. (Available in Wooden Wick, Classic Wick, Reed Diffusers + Room Spray)

Cardamom, Pecan + Oak: NEW for 2018! Cardamom is becoming very popular in home fragrance + helps make this a great fall scent! A little bit spicy + a little bit earthy it's a great unisex fall scent, it's high-end + sophisticated while still being cozy for the fall. This one is going to be a big hit! (Available in Wooden Wick, Classic Wick, Reed Diffusers + Room Spray)

Peripeti Candle's Point of Sale Information:

1. Our fragrances + products are handmade in our Cleveland, Ohio Studio.

2. Most of our fragrances are exclusive + original blends we create in-house using all-natural ingredients

3. Natural Ingredients means better products! Our candles burn for 80-85 hours + our Reed Diffusers last 9+ months

4. Our materials are made in the USA, with many of them being local.

5. Our wooden lids are handmade in Avon, Ohio