Pet Home Eucalyptus + Rosemary

Pet Home Eucalyptus + Rosemary

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Eucalyptus + Rosemary will give you a fresh air feel in your home + allow you to get back to what's important, loving on your pets! Fresh notes of Eucalyptus create an invigorating clean scent while Rosemary and other herbs ground the fragrance and provides a long-lasting scent you are sure to enjoy!

Our Pet Home Collection is designed using non-toxic ingredients to help eliminate pet odors. Please note some animals + pets are more sensitive to fragrance + essential oils, use your discretion to keep your pet safe

Top: Pine, Eucalyptus
Middle: Rosemary, Green Floral
Base: Sage, Cedar, Thyme

Available as a Classic Wick candle with a 80 hour burn time. Non-toxic, soy, Made in USA.