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Cleveland Landmarks

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Our hometown of Cleveland, OH is an inspiring place. Choose from our 4 Landmark Fragrances, crafted to reflect each of these unique places. 

West Side Market - A bright and fun scent featuring Orange and Lemon Essential Oils to highlight this fantastic Cleveland Landmark. Ylang-Ylang gives this popular scent some depth!

Playhouse Square - Cedarwood and Vanilla speak to the rich history of the theater while Mandarin, Coriander and Citrus speak to the brightness of the Chandelier and iconic performances.

The Guardians - A complex fragrance with Geranium and Jasmine & a hint of Mint and Cedarwood to play homage to these fantastic Art Deco statues preserved in Cleveland.

Terminal TowerEveryone loves keeping their eye on this iconic building in Cleveland. We bring it to life with this original fragrance containing Essential Oils of Jasmine, Rose, Geranium, Orange, Cedarwood & Spruce. It's vibrant and a touch earthy, perfect for this great landmark


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