Pet Home Orange Chili Pepper

Pet Home Orange Chili Pepper

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Peripeti's Orange Chili Pepper scent is a warm citrus scent that will brighten your mood as it helps with pet odors in the home. Chili gives a nice warmth to this primarily citrus scent. Citrus is great at covering and eliminating odors and will eave you with that clean home scent!

Our Pet Home Collection is designed using non-toxic ingredients to help eliminate pet odors in the home, however, some animals and pets are more sensitive to essential oils + fragrances than others. Use your discretion to keep your pet safe.


Scent Story + Symbolism:

Orange represents happiness and creativity while Chili is said to be protective, both often elements of a pet home and welcome in any home!

Top: Chili
Middle: Orange
Base: Green Leaves

Available in a Classic Wick soy candle with an 80 hour burn time. Non-toxic, soy, Made in the USA