Our Soy

The highest quality natural soy wax available.

Natural Soy is the back bone of Peripeti Home and we want to assure you that ours is of highest quality, meets rigorous environmental standards and is processed in a way that meets the standards of our customers and all of us at Peripeti Home. We've put a lot of time and research into the Soy we use and how we make our Natural Soy Candles. Here are a few of the values we have worked to ensure so you can buy with confidence, be making a responsible decision, and we can simultaneously raise the standard of what we bring into our homes!

 What does this mean?

For Your Home

Our Natural Soy Wax is 100% Pure Soy Wax making it a Vegan product. The soy used by Peripeti Home meets all standards in place by FDA, is Kosher Certified, and meets ASA (American Soy Association) rigorous standards for farmers and sustainability. 

Because we promote the use of our Soy Candles as a solid perfume or a moisturizer when melted we made sure Peripeti Home Natural Soy is clean and safe, even tested by a third party to ensure it is free of paraffin, pesticides, herbicides and is Non-Toxic!

For the Environment

As part of promoting Natural Living we recognize and care about what the things we make do to the environment. Our Soy is NEVER tested on Animals, it is US sourced in conjunction with the American Soy Association to ensure strict environmental standards are implemented and followed and that methods of sustainable farming are being practiced. Soy is biodegradable and our packaging is recycled and/or reusable to ensure minimal environmental effect even after being enjoyed in your home!

Ethical Business Practices

We believe in supporting businesses with similar values so our product chain is just as important to us as our own product. Our Natural Soy is sourced from US farmers in the mid-west. This supports domestic jobs and also ensures we are paying a fair wage for our soy. We buy from companies who have strong "Green" process in place and support other small businesses whenever possible. We also donate to Kiva with each purchase. This is a micro-finance organization that helps others globally fulfill their dreams of owning or expanding their own small business. Check out how we are giving back together!