Giving Back

When you purchase any item on our web site, Peripeti donates to other small businesses globally, through Kiva; a micro-finance loan organization empowering small business to take root and grow. Our desire is to see people world-wide Empowered to Thrive, in an effort to fight poverty. We want to be a part of encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit and helping provide assistance for people to create sustainable income for themselves and their families! Thank you for partnering with us in this goal!


We've helped Jockus in Uganda gain necessary equipment to help teach nearby villages about farming. Gerardo in Bolivia was able to buy a rake for his tractor to increase feed planting for his cows on his Dairy Farm. Jinny in the United States was able to sustain her restaurant through the slow season and Rita was able to expand her bakery! All loans are being repaid on time which will be reinvested into other loans along with NEW loans!!

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