About Us

a turning point or point of change

I am not a sales person and never set out to be one. I am a person who loves making things by hand; and that's how I found candles. It was a natural meeting of my creative, handmade-loving side and my "scientific" side that loves experimenting and chemistry. I knew if I was going to commit to being a small business it had to mean something to me and it had to stand for something. My values included making sure my supplies were sourced responsibly; meaning I was supporting business who were paying a fair wage to their employees. Since my products use natural ingredients, I wanted to make sure the environment was being considered and they were sourced in a sustainable manner with minimal impact. 

Why We Want Our Natural Soy Candles to be Your Go-To Home Scents!

Scent is the strongest sense and fragrance is a powerful mental and emotional stimulant. It can quickly change mood, attitude, and outlook - for ourselves and for those around us. This is why, at Peripeti Home, we want to create the best smelling candles possible! With elegant, designer candles that are pleasant and true-to-life home scents perfect for creating the right ambiance and environment!

My journey to Peripeti began as I became interested in Essential Oils for their medicinal and health benefits. As I was learning about their uses, I also began to realize how many harmful chemicals are in things that we bring into our homes all the time. One of the big culprits I found was in Home Fragrance. We bring fragrance into our homes in order to freshen, brighten, lighten our homes and yet they are CHOCKED FULL of harmful chemicals; making them completely counterproductive for our homes and families. I set out to create a healthy and eco-friendly alternative with Peripeti Home and selected the name Peripeti because I wanted this to be a turning point for home fragrance and to raise the standard of what we bring into our homes.

Our Premium Soy Candles Begin with the Best Ingredients And Supplies

We start with quality, USA sourced Soy Wax with NO Additives! Our Essential Oils and Premium Fragrance Oils are sourced as local as possible for freshness and quality. We are proud our Tins are all Made in the USA and we go to great lengths to make sure our packaging is sustainable and reusable!

Hand Poured Natural Soy Candles

Honoring the long historical tradition of the art of candle making our candles are still handmade and in small batches just like in times of yesteryear to ensure quality. Like anything handmade, the difference is immediately obvious! There is something aesthetically different knowing a human crafted an object and saw the process through each step of the way. It reminds us to enjoy the small things in life and adds a human quality to our happy homes!

Why Natural Soy

For me it was an easy choice. If I am going to be handling something every day I want it to be clean! Not a Petrol by-product like Paraffin. I looked into Palm Waxes but it was too difficult (impossible!) to make sure it was being harvested in a responsible way. Beeswax is GREAT! We actually hope to be introducing an Allergen line of Beeswax next year. However, soy offered us the most versatility while still remaining environmentally friendly and safe as well as being a reasonably priced Home Fragrance alternative to the store bought air fresheners and harmful candles on the market. 
Soy burns longer and cleaner than other waxes. It doesn't have soot build up. Ours our pesticide free, it is a Carbon Neutral Process, and supports US Farmers! 

Soy Candles with Essential Oils

Long before I even thought of making soy candles I was using Essential Oils for medicinal purposes. I have long believed in their benefits and believe God has provided much of what we need for a healthy life through nature...so when it came to developing fragrances it was natural for me to turn to Essential Oils. From that experience, I already had ideas of unique combinations that are both pleasant and therapeutic to incorporate into our products! I blend Essential Oils with Premium Fragrance Oils in order to help them bond to the soy wax for a well balanced fragrance all the way through!

Our fragrances are all original crafted fragrances using both Essential Oils and Premium Fragrance Oils with no harmful chemicals for a well blended and true to life scent. 

Our fragrances are layered or blended like a fine wine with levels of scent like top-notes, mid-tones and base oils to create a true to life, full bodied fragrance inspired by nature. Our customers can't believe it when they smell it! They didn't know a candle could smell so good! And the best part is we use a Single Pour method which means our oils are blended all the way through each batch of wax-the Old Fashioned way! This avoids the all-to-common 'trick' even some high end candle companies use where they only add oils to the top layer of wax to save money. With our method the scent you smell at the start is the same scent you smell at the end! No tricks. The result is a superior quality aromatic candle! Our Natural Soy provides both cleanest burning and best smelling candles you can buy.

Why The Crackle or Wooden Wick?

I just like it! The crackle wick actually sounds like a fireplace when it is burning. I grew up with campfires and bonfires but have since spent most of my life in urban dwellings without the option of a fire...so I set out to find THE BEST wooden wick I could find! And I think I did! It's surprising how much you can hear the crackle--so soothing and nostalgic! I actually developed Sherwood Forest to smell like a campfire to compliment the wick! 

What About Our Cotton (classic) Wicks?

Our Traditional Wicks are Lead-free Cotton of course! ...So everyone can have what they want!