Meet Peripeti

a turning point or point of change

I started Peripeti because natural + non-toxic home fragrance really matters to me + I wanted to raise the standard of what we bring into our homes.

Kate + Zeke of Peripeti at their home in Cleveland

I chose the name Peripeti for my home fragrance business because it refers to a small thing with significant impact. To me, that sums up fragrance. We all live busy, hectic lives but just lighting a candle. Watching the flame + enjoying the fragrance can turn a chore or routine we would have rushed through into a special moment. A time where we slow down + recognize that this moment, right now, however mundane it might seem, it matters. I have found Home Fragrance helps us to be present in the little moments.

centerpiece with candle

The problem is when I first started making soy candles, I wasn't impressed with the natural fragrances I was finding. They felt bland and "typical" Since I was already using essential oils for medicinal purposes in my life, it was a natural transition to start blending my own fragrances. 

I start with fragrances in small batches to test and retest to offer the best scents

I became fascinated with the science of scent and started blending my own fragrances using essential oils + clean burning fragrances to offer you something modern, unique + exclusive. 

When I blend my scents they are layered to create a feeling. For example, a good ocean scent needs more than just water notes. It needs surrounding green notes, ozone notes, sometimes even fruit notes.

You will never find a flat, one-dimensional scent from Peripeti Candles!

quality natural ingredients

In addition to exclusive fragrances Peripeti Candles only uses quality, all-natural ingredients + source most of our materials from the USA. We believe these things really make a difference + we want to offer you the best!

We also pour our fragrance through the entire batch of wax. You may not know this but many established candle companies pour 75% of the wax unscented, they add the scent only to the top 25% of the candle.

Ever had a candle that smelled for a couple burns + then you couldn't smell it anymore?? That's usually the reason.

We don't skimp on the scent, after all, that's the most important part! We blend them so that even when they aren't lit you will still catch some of the fragrance...it's a good reminder to light it! 

making candles and having fun

Offering natural, fresh + unique home fragrance is my passion + I appreciate being able to share it with you!