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Botanical Collection Reed Diffuser Wholesale

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Minimum order of $300 for wholesale pricing 

Our Botanical Series are Floral + Fauna fragrances often used as inspiration in high-end perfumes + are now available in long lasting Reed Diffusers. 

7.5 ounce reed diffusers last 9 months + have botanical accents in the bottle to give added charm. They come self contained, with reeds attached, and are safely sealed for shipping.

 Our Botanical fragrances perform nicely in the diffusers + offer a stunning floral bottle presentation which display perfectly with our Botanical Candles + Room Sprays, offering your customer a convenient variety of home fragrance!

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Leaf is a subtle green fragrance with Olive, Lemon + Clover

Petal is a sublime floral scent with Jasmine, Tuberose (or wild rose) and Lavender

Root is a great spicy unisex fragrance that is sensual without being musty or heavy with Poppy + Birch for a unique fragrance.