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Botanical Series Classic Wick Wholesale

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Minimum order of $300 for wholesale pricing 

Our Botanical Series are Floral + Fauna fragrances inspired by the history of perfume + designed around popular perfume notes.

The presentation is stunning with an 18kt Gold Rim + comes with a dust cover to ensure your product stays clean!

18 kt Gold Rim | 80+ hour burn time | 100% Soy | Fragrances incorporate Essential Oils  

Leaf: (formerly Olive) a fresh + green fragrance that appeals to most with notes of olive, subtle lemon notes + green notes of clover+ is a subtle, peaceful + relaxing home fragrance. 

Petal: Notes of Jasmine, Tuberose + Lavender it's a lovely floral exclusive to Peripeti Candles. Floral is a very popular fragrance family + this one isn't perfume-y but true to life + a beautiful subtle fragrance

Root: A great unisex fragrance that is a touch spicy + a touch earthy without smelling musty or overbearing. Notes of birch, poppy + oak, it's a favorite all year, especially around fall + holiday