Reed Diffusers

Our Reed Diffusers provide 9+ months of continuous home fragrance without the harmful chemicals of many commercial brands.

Our sustainably sourced porous reeds go into the oil blend. The oil is then absorbed up through the reeds where it will evaporate off into your home. This creates the continuous fragrance for your home which is perfect for areas you aren't likely to burn a candle such as entryways, bathrooms, guest baths, guest rooms, dorm rooms, offices, nurseries...the uses are endless!

You may flip the reeds for a stronger scent throw but it isn't necessary. If the fragrance is to strong you may remove some of the reeds to adjust fragrance throw.

Some oil (base) will remain in the bottle after the fragrance has evaporated. You will know it is time to replace your diffuser when the fragrance has grown weaker, typically 9 months after opening.

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