Nature's Shield- a natural way to repel insects

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The best summer moments are warm nights sitting by candlelight, glass of wine in hand, and talking with my favorite people under a starry sky. But what isn’t the best is swatting mosquitoes. 

A few years ago, I set out to solve my outside entertaining mosquito dilemma. I didn’t love my bug-repellent options. But what I did discover is that there are several proven essential oils that mosquitoes hate. 

So through testing and trial and error, I created Nature’s Shield by using natural citronella and several proven essential oils that mosquitoes hate. Resulting in a completely all-natural bug-fighting home fragrance line that also smells amazing. 

Use them while camping, picnics, on your patio or porch, spray your clothing before hikes or walks, some customers even like using it indoors to cut back on gnats - resulting in more open windows and less nuisance--which I love!

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Choose from:

Classic Wick candle with lid - 80 hour burn time (do not allow wick to become wet, it never quite burns right afterward)

8 oz Camping Tin - perfect for on the go picnics or camping trips, 65 hour burn time

4 oz Spray - spray your shoes and clothing before a hike or even just while taking the dogs for a walk!