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White Birch + Spruce Signature Scent

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White Birch + Spruce is a woodsy, unisex fragrance with notes of spruce + fir with white birch + a touch of oak for a well rounded, soothing + relaxing outdoor fragrance. 

All of our products are all-natural, our fragrances are exclusive + blended in-house + our candles supplies are Made in the USA with US grown soy + glass made in the USA!

Peripeti Wooden Wicks crackle as they burn + are said to offer a stronger fragrance throw while providing roughly a 70 hour burn time. I love them for a cozy night in or when I need a stronger fragrance throw (like when I'm cleaning!)

Peripeti Classic Wick gives you a beautiful even burn for about 80 hours with nice fragrance throw that will warmly fill your home. This is a beautiful candle that burns all the way across + all the way to the bottom. I love this choice when entertaining

Peripeti Reed Diffusers are all-natural + will provide 6-9 months of continuous fragrance. I love them in entryways, bathrooms + guest rooms where you wouldn't want to leave a candle burning.

Peripeti Room Sprays have endless uses! Use them as a non-toxic solution to air fresheners, deodorizers + linen sprays. I use them when changing the garbage bag, to freshen my sheets, in the bathroom, on couches, dog beds, rugs (a customer recommended spraying on your welcome mat for a burst of fresh scent when you or guests walk into the room!) A couple sprays lasts overnight when I use them on my linens, in the air the scent lasts a few hours.

Peripeti Wax Melts can be used in any electric or tea light burner + it's not easy to find all-natural, non-toxic soy melts (that really work!). Each pack gives about 80 hours of fragrance. I like to use my electric burners in the kitchen + bedroom for safe long-lasting fragrance that is a little stronger than a reed diffuser.