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Limited Edition + Special Edition

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Our Members are those who appreciate all-natural, quality + exclusive home fragrance conveniently delivered to their door. More than that, however, our members join us on our mission to enjoy lives little moments together.

Our Mission:

The name Peripeti has to do with making the most of little moments and opportunities we are given. We believe in the power of fragrance to transform a space and a moment. We encourage our members to light their candles to elevate lives more seemingly mundane moments.

My favorite example from my own life is how Matt + I often eat dinner in front of the TV (bad habit, I know), but when we light a candle instead our thrown together dinners after a stressful day become a moment we can enjoy. We talk more, we watch the dogs play, sometimes we even just sit with each other watching the candle flicker but we are more relaxed, more present + more refreshed afterward. I find we just breath in these still + slow moments created from typically overlooked times of our days.

It was moments like this that made me realize that what really fuels my business is the ability of fragrance to elevate lives simple moments.

We love hearing your examples of how you've decided to slow down + take control of your life again!

What you get:

- Always have the newest home fragrances with a full size (80 hour burn) all-natural soy candle in our seasonal fragrances + new scents! Choose from a Mix of Wooden/Classic Wick or All Classic Wicks

- Free Shipping on your subscription + any items added into the same shipment

- 10% off any additional products purchased on our website at any time during the month

- a monthly email with tips on how to slowdown and be more present (monthly discount code is at the top of this email)

-monthly tea light fragrance samples. Stay up to date on what new fragrances we will be offering by being the first to get to try new scents + products

-quarterly Free Gift! (March, June, September, December)

Don't worry, you can swap out a fragrance whenever you want, skip a month or cancel at any time.


**Orders ship the first of the month. Orders placed before the 15th of the month will ship on the date of the order, and then the 1st of the next month. Orders placed after the 15th will ship the 1st of the next month.