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Personal Home Fragrance Home Makeover - Select Your Own!

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This option is for the person who only wants the best! At Peripeti Candles we want to offer you the best + newest in home fragrance so that your entire house has the ambiance you desire. All while being non-toxic and made in the USA!

For this option think about how you want each area of your home to feel. Take a walk through your home + imagine what would make you feel best in each area: Entryways, Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, Bedrooms (we suggest Reed Diffusers in kids rooms!) Bathroom, Guest Bath + Bedroom, Laundry Room...

You can select 1-3 fragrances for your entire home or do a different scent in each space. Our products blend well together so you can't really go wrong in selecting scents for your entire house!

Want a Home Fragrance Makeover but don't know which scents? Get personalized advice by emailing our founder, Kate. Photos of your space and current favorite scents definitely help!