5 common pet odors and how to fix them.

5 common pet odors and how to fix them.

Pet owners, we’ve all had this moment.

After a long day out of the house, I walked through the door and it hit me: dog smell.  

It took me totally by surprise. I’m not a “dog smell” type of person, or so I thought. But it turns out that despite our best house and animal cleaning efforts, pets simply have an odor.  

Once I got over the shock of a smelly house, Peripeti Pet Home was born. 

The first thing I did was find out what fragrances were safe for pets. I decided that if it’s not safe for people, it’s not safe for pets. So no aerosols, no chemicals, no ingestible potpourri.

And the second thing was to make sure that the fragrances actually eliminated the odor, not just covered it up. 

Which is how I landed on Eucalyptus + Rosemary and Orange Chili Pepper. Both fragrances are non-toxic, clean, can fill a room with fragrance, and contain essential oils that actually remove odors.  

After years of using them myself and getting feedback from customers, here are 5 specific odor problems we’ve solved through pet home fragrance.

Wet dog smell

Oh man. This one. Half the time it’s from normal dog bath time, swimming time, or they rolled in something...unsavory. So not only do you need to target the smell they rolled in, but also the lingering wet dog smell.

For this one, we recommend using a double arsenal of Pet Home fragrance. First, light a candle as soon as bath time begins. That will help fill the room with fragrance while neutralizing the odors you’re already dealing with. Second, use a room spray to target the carpets where your dog may have tried to dry off.  

Clean dog, fresh house. 


“My pet never makes an accident in my house.” --No pet owner ever.

After you get the mess cleaned up, it’s important to target the odor at the source. Because our pet home sprays are non-toxic they’re safe to use on fabrics and floors. Make sure to test it out first, but then spray directly where the accident was made and fuhgeddaboutit. 

Pet sleeping spots and favorite lookouts

Every pet has one -- the back of the couch, their dog bed, your bed, your newly folded fresh towels -- the spots you know you can always find your furry friend when you haven’t heard from them in awhile. We’ve got a couple of ways to keep those areas smelling fresh.

First, is the always handy room spray. For well-loved fabrics like their bed and your couch, the room spray is safe to use on fabrics and targets any odors at the source.  

 And second, a pet home candle is fragrant enough to fill the room with enough lasting power to lend scent even after it’s been blown out.  

Litter boxes  

Since littler boxes stay in the same place, you need a long-lasting continuous fragrance. Place a Pet Home reed diffuser near the little box and the room will smell fresh while keeping the litter box a secret. Just make sure to place the diffuser where your pet can’t knock it over.

Overall freshening

To stay on top of general pet odors, place diffusers throughout your home, especially in high traffic areas. But also, wax melts are a great way to release a bit of a stronger fragrance for a long time and without a flame.  

You’ve got this.

Sometimes fighting our furry friends’ odors seems like a never-ending job. It’s sort of like the dark side to pet ownership we didn’t realize was there. But if you’ve read all the way to the end here, I know you’re fighting a good fight and will come out on top.