\pe-ri-pe-tē\-a turning point or point of change

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How will you reuse your Peripeti Vessel?


Peripeti Floral Arrangers

These floral arrangers are specially made for Peripeti Candle Vessels and result in the perfect bouquet every time!

Add one to your order as a beautiful way to reuse your jar after you finish your candle.

Floral Arranger


Macrame Wall Hanging

These macrame wall hangings are made specifically to hold a Peripeti Candle Vessel as a vase or terrarium display. Our brown/copper or black options allow you to add an earthy element with sophistication.

Wall Hangings


Reuse It! Drinking Glass Collection

This collection features limited edition fragrances in a vessel that makes the perfect drinking glass after your candle is finished!

Drinking Glass Collection


DIY Candle Refill Kits

Have you always wanted to try making a candle? Now you can get Peripeti's original fragrances in a fun and easy DIY kit! Comes with complete instructions and a video to guide you.

DIY Refill Kits

See how others have reused their Peripeti vessel

Our commitment to sustainability is part of our process from beginning to end. We source responsibly harvested ingredients, we keep our production carbon footprint low by buying locally whenever possible. We ship using recyclable and compostable materials made from post-consumer goods.

We also LOVE sharing ways to reuse our vessels and hope you find some inspiration from the video below!

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